A birthday cake is the ultimate celebration cake – and what better way to celebrate yours or a relative’s birthday than with a stunning bespoke birthday cake that tastes as delicious as it looks. The cake bakers and decorators at Chic Unique Cakes provide unique birthday cakes that can be themed to your birthday party or personality perfectly. We often recommend that a hobby or interest be the inspiration for your birthday cake and we turn this idea into an amazing creative reality.

Chic Unique Cakes specialise in the ‘unusual’, designer, unique, zany and even quirky. We also bake and decorate traditional birthday cakes. Basically whatever kind of birthday cake you dream of, Chic Unique Cakes will make that dream a reality. All our birthday cakes are available in a variety of sizes, designs and flavours. Birthday cakes are personalised and unique to you, and are sure to be the highlight of your birthday party.

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Birthday cakes were initially called by the name ‘plakous’ by the Greeks, which is a similar word to ‘flat.’ These birthday cakes were a combination of nuts and honey. It is also believed that the Greeks offered round shaped cakes to the Goddess of Moon called Artemis. It is for this reason that candles were placed on the birthday cake to make it glow like the moon. The Romans followed suit with a slight change in the name of the cake which became ‘placenta’ as derived from the Greek term for cake. (‘Placenta’ was a form of cheesecake.)